Upcoming Webinar on PERK Activities – May 25th

Promoting Healthy Aging Through Creative Based Activities

Monday May 25th, 2020

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Presented by: Rosemary Moritz

Pre-approved by NCTRC and BCTRA for .10 CEU or 1 Contact Hour of Continuing Education, relating to the Geriatric specialization area designation.



By 2030 – in just 10 years – seniors will number over 9.5 million and make up 23% of the Canadian population. How well will these seniors age? What will their day look like? How can we ensure they remain engaged with life? Research is showing that the creative arts are one of the most effective, cost-efficient and powerful tools for healthy aging. During this webinar we will look at what healthy aging means, why the creative arts are important, especially for seniors to age well, and introduce you to Perk Activities, a one-hour, weekly program that promotes healthy aging through creative, thought-provoking activities.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

1. Name and describe four factors that impact quality of life and contribute to healthy aging.

2. Display an understanding of what the creative arts are, and describe why they are an effective tool for helping seniors age healthily.

3. Describe the structure of a typical Perk Activities session, and display an understanding of the benefits of the presented activities related to the domains of health.

NCTRC Job Analysis Codes: FKW, IMP

Speaker Bio:

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Rosemary Moritz was drawn to the field of acting and discovered a passion for theatre games- a fun, interactive ad-lib experience for groups. Rosemary realized the potential of utilizing theatre game exercises as an effective tool for social connection and self-expression for non-actors when she taught theatre games to troubled youth in Hollywood, CA. She relocated to Vancouver, B.C. after furthering her theatre experience in NYC. Soon afterwards, she came across a pivotal study on Arts Intervention for Older Adults by Tony and Helga Noice, Elmhurst College. The study stated that acting is one of the best activities for improving and maintaining cognitive health in older adults.

After further research, Rosemary found many studies supporting the theory that creative activities are beneficial for brain health, social interaction and quality of life. Healthy Aging Persons and their Brains: Promoting Resilience through Creative Engagement by Susan McFadden and Anne Basting, states “Although brain health is the goal of some people who promote creative engagement as an intervention, the authors believe the emphasis needs to be expanded to include goals of improving psychological well-being, nurturing social relationships, and supporting a sense of life meaning and purpose, all of which undergird resilience.” This inspired Rosemary to further develop the program that she had started in Los Angeles and Perk Activities was the result, a weekly program to mentally stimulate and socially connect seniors. Over the last 12 years, the program has been a popular feature in numerous retirement and senior communities.


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