Upcoming Room 217 Webinar: pre-approved for 0.1 CEUs by NCTRC!

Music Therapy in the Addiction Recovery Journey

Wed, May 13, 2020 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

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NCTRC Job Analysis Codes: FKW, IMP

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Session Description:

The cycles of addiction and recovery affect many in Canadian society, and are especially rampant with the ongoing opioid epidemic. Music Therapy has been proven to be a positive primary care agent for clients experiencing problems with substance abuse. In this webinar, Aimee Berends will present an overview of substance abuse definitions and recovery theory. She will describe the implications of addiction and substance abuse on a client’s whole person, breaking it down by the domains of health. She will then present evidence supporting the use of music as an intervention, and how it fits into substance abuse care and recovery. Aimee will also share anonymous clinical stories throughout the presentation to add some real-life examples into the presentation. Participants will come out of this webinar with an understanding of the terms and theories related to substance abuse and recovery, as well as how and why music can be beneficial to the recovery process.