Short Notice: Dementiabilty Workshop October 3rd and 4th

About This Workshop:
This two-day program focuses on DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori Way™. DementiAbility Methods™ offers innovative, evidence-based approach to working with older adults who are living with cognitive loss, using Dr. Maria Montessori’s Principles along with research from diverse disciplines in aging and dementia. The aim is to support the person in a prepared environment, offering cognitive strategies that are developed according to needs, interests, skills and abilities. The emphasis is on enriching and enhancing daily life by providing interventions that build in supports that will maintain/enhance function while also providing opportunities to be engaged in life and living according to the needs and abilities of each person. Research has provided clear evidence of enhanced function when memory cueing, sequencing and other such strategies, have been put in place. Also, increased levels of engagement and participation in activities are witnessed when DementiAbility approaches are implemented with persons with dementia.
Participants in this workshop will learn about what happens to the brain and memory when one has been affected by dementia. Based on this information you will discover how to create supportive strategies/interventions according to what we know and what we observe. Workshop participants will engage in practical “hands on” group work that is aimed at applying these innovative techniques. The first day of the program focuses on the facts (knowledge) and the second day focuses on putting the concepts into practice for specific clients, activities and environments.
  1. Identify the key components of DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori Way™ based on knowledge about: a) Dementia, excess disability and spared capacity; b) memory (procedural and declarative); and c) the importance of creating supportive environments and environmental cueing.
  2. Describe DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori Way™ Model and know how to put each component part into practice, with an emphasis on understanding the person behind the dementia and recognizing that programming/goals/philosophy of care are to be based on the individual’s needs, strengths, skills, interests and abilities.
  3.   List and describe the Montessori Principles, as modified for dementia, and understand how they can be adopted as a philosophy of care as well as a framework for programming. 4. Create and present roles, routines and program activities based on the WOW model 5. Know how to put the All About Me, WOW model and other tools into practice, and be prepared to use these tools when working with teams and individuals with dementia


Where: Central Presbyterian Church, 1155 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 1X2
Date:    Oct. 3-4, 2018
Time:    8:00am –  not specified
Cost:    $450.00/pp

Early Registration Discount of $50 will be deducted automatically if registered before Sep. 25, 2018


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