Room 217: What a Difference a Day Makes

BCTRA and Room 217 have been in discussions about building a partnership that will bring education opportunities and resources to BCTRA Members.

Room 217 Foundation is a social enterprise that works to see music used as an agent of care for vulnerable populations, which can be delivered by all care providers regardless of musical abilities or training. It creates research-informed music resources and programs that can be used by any caregiver, provides education on how to integrate music into care, and supports innovated research into music and care.

Room 217 10th Anniversary Logo Colour

Currently they are looking for some Adult Day Programs to track some data for them in exchange for receiving the Pathways for Singing Program for free for your centre.

For more information please see the three attachments

WDDM-one page

Room 217 WDDM – participation -explanation

Room 217 WDDM- participation -confirmation (4)


If your adult day program would like to participate, or if you have questions/concerns, please contact Deb Bartlett by reply email, or by phone (toll-free 1-844-985-0217). You can also contact her colleague Shannon Shier at the same number, or by emailing