Rachel Dobek Student Award

The 2019 AGM is approaching and we ask that membership come together and nominate a fellow member for one of the six awards that we provide annually. It is time to celebrate the achievements and extraordinary work within BCTRA. Deadline for nominations is October 11th, 2019.

Rachel Dobek Student Award


In September 2001, The Professional Development and Education Committee of the British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Association (BCTRA) initiated the distinguished Student Award to recognize a BCTRA member who has demonstrated academic ability, promise of a contribution to the field of therapeutic recreation and have volunteered or worked in therapeutic recreation. This award is intended to acknowledge members who:

  • Declare a major in Recreation/Therapeutic Recreation or graduate studies related to therapeutic recreation.
  • Current enrollment in university or college, third year standing or above if enrolled in a four year program, second year standing if enrolled in a two year program.
  • Volunteer/work experience in Therapeutic Recreation.
  • Two letters of reference addressing nominee’s potential contributions to therapeutic recreation (prefer one reference from faculty and one from a practitioner in Therapeutic Recreation).

It is intended that the contributions made by the individual have supported Therapeutic Recreation.

  • Nominee

  • Nominator