Mission Statement

BCTRA is dedicated to promoting and developing the profession of Therapeutic Recreation in British Columbia by:

  • Inspiring excellence and enthusiasm in practitioners through consistent and high quality education and professional development, access to resources, membership engagement and mentoring opportunities
  • Advocating for and maintaining standards of practice, code of ethics, membership and continued competency criteria, for the benefit of our members, partners, the public and key stakeholders
  • Providing leadership to advance and grow the field through strategic planning, advocacy and increasing public awareness



Members of BCTRA believe the following:

1. Recreation, leisure and play are inherent and significant aspects of the human experience as they promote quality of life and wellness at each stage of development. Individuals of all abilities have the right to benefit from recreation and leisure.

2. Therapeutic Recreation is a unique service that facilitates the development, maintenance, growth and expression of a satisfying and appropriate leisure lifestyle.

3. The Association is committed to developing and supporting the Therapeutic Recreation profession.


The BCTRA supports the intent and provisions of the Human Rights Act of British Columbia. We believe the BCTRA should be free of discriminatory practices or denial of opportunity due to a group characteristic such as race, color, ancestry, place or origin, political belief, religion, marital status, physical or mental abilities, sex or age.