Did you know that BCTRA and CTRA have a joint membership agreement? When you become a member of BCTRA you also become a member of CTRA! There are many benefits to membership!

Check out this document to read more: BCTRA Membership Benefits

It is easy to obtain membership! Follow these three steps:

1. Eligibility

Review the criteria below to ENSURE your eligibility BEFORE applying.

2. Application Form

Complete the online application form by clicking on the APPLY NOW button to the right.

3. Payment

After completing the online application form, make online payment by credit card.

  • Fees are due annually on April 1st
  • Students MUST be attending full time and provide a student number
  • If you are deemed to be ineligible for membership, all fees will be refunded


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BCTRA/CTRA Joint Membership

Annual Membership Fees

Professional $210.00
NEW Graduate – Diploma $55.00
NEW Graduate – Degree $105.00
Student $50.00
Supporter $110.00

Payment Logos

BCTRA Membership Categories




There are 5 Pathways that can be used to determine eligibility as a Professional Member.

PATHWAY 1 – Recreation Therapists who held valid membership in BCTRA as of March 31, 2012 are recognized as Professional Members. Due to changes in the membership criteria and in order to maintain professional standing these members must keep their membership current by payment of membership dues by April 1 of each membership year.

PATHWAY 2 – Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation:  A two-year diploma in therapeutic recreation from an educational institution recognized by the Board received on or before December 31st, 2008.

PATHWAY 3 – Degree in TR: A baccalaureate degree or higher from an approved, recognized college or university** with a major in therapeutic recreation or a major in recreation or leisure with an option in therapeutic recreation.

Only the following officially designated majors appearing on the transcript are accepted for Pathway 3:

(a) therapeutic recreation (recreation therapy)

(b) recreation or leisure with an option in therapeutic recreation

(c) therapeutic recreation in combination with other fields of study


PATHWAY 4 – A baccalaureate degree or higher from a recognized college or university in recreation administration or recreation and leisure studies or Community Rehabilitation or Human Kinetics and Kinesiology


the following Coursework OR a Two (2) year Diploma in TR:


  1. A minimum of six (6) 3 credit courses or equivalent of therapeutic recreation and general recreation content coursework. Of these 6 courses, a minimum of four (4) 3 credit courses must be in therapeutic recreation, preferably with “therapeutic recreation” in the title.


  1. Supportive courses to include a total of six (6) 3 credit courses or equivalent with minimum of:
    1. 3 credits in the content area of anatomy and physiology;
    2. 3 credits in the content area of abnormal psychology;
  • 12 credits of coursework must be fulfilled in the content area of ‘human services’ as defined by NCTRC.


Two year diploma in Therapeutic Recreation.**


PATHWAY 5 – Active CTRS: Must provide supporting documentation of active CTRS credential.


**BCTRA will only accept transcripts from a college or university that is recognized and approved by the provincial government in the province where the post-secondary institution resides. In BC, the Degree Quality Assurance Board (DQAB) is the government body that completes these assessments.

A diploma credential must consist of a minimum of 60 credits and typically be offered over a 2-year period.



Open to individuals pursuing a Degree or Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation/Leisure Services. This is open to both Full and Part time students.



Open to all previous students who graduated from a diploma or degree program from the previous year.  For example, for the 2016/17 membership year, graduates of 2015 are eligible for this membership type.  This is a one time only Membership type that applies after graduation and cannot be extended.  Those who have graduated with a diploma are eligible for a one-year membership that is half the cost of the Supporter Membership.  Those who have graduated with a degree are eligible for a one-year membership that is half the cost of the Professional Membership.  Transcripts must be submitted to verify eligibility.



A Supporting member is interested in furthering the objectives of BCTRA and the Therapeutic Recreation profession, but is ineligible to be a Professional or Student member.

This category is also for an individual who is eligible to be a professional member but may be retired from the Therapeutic Recreation profession, or does not reside in B.C.


*Updated March 2018*



*If you do not feel you fit into any of the above membership pathways please feel free to contact