membership benefits

As a member-driven organization, we advocate on behalf of our members to increase the profile of therapeutic recreation/recreation therapy as a profession. BCTRA supports therapeutic recreation practitioners to grow and thrive in their practice by providing access to a community of like-minded professionals, mentorship opportunities and learning resources to boost professional competency.

Membership Benefits

The BCTRA acts as a clear, consistent and evidence-informed central voice for the profession of therapeutic recreation/recreation therapy in BC. These efforts are amplified nationally through our joint membership with the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association allowing us to be part of national advocacy efforts.

A Community of Like-Minded Practitioners

We provide networking opportunities for our members, both in person and online.

Mentorship Opportunities

Members have access to the membership list and networking opportunities. More ideas for mentorship are being considered.

Continuing Education

BCTRA provides education and training opportunities to earn CEUs.

Resources Specific to Therapeutic Recreation

BCTRA is the hub for resources to support therapeutic recreation practitioners to deliver evidence-informed interventions and to promote the field of therapeutic recreation.

Bursaries to Support Continuing Education

Bursaries are available for all members to use towards continuing education, such as conference attendance, therapeutic recreation coursework, workshops, etc.

Regular Communication & Connection

BCTRA keeps its members up-to-date on what is new with our association and the field of therapeutic recreation through e-blasts and social media.

Opportunities for Association Involvement & Leadership

All members have the opportunity to give back to the therapeutic recreation community by volunteering for special projects, which help to advance the profession. Professional members who serve on the Board of Directors gain additional leadership experience in the field of therapeutic recreation.

Annual Awards

BCTRA recognizes members’ contributions to the field of therapeutic recreation and the achievements of practitioners, students & agencies.

Professional Credibility

Through joint membership in both BCTRA & CTRA, members demonstrate their professional credibility to employers.