Transitions Out of Competitive Sport for Athletes with Disabilities

Jeffrey J. MartinTransitions Out of Competitive Sport for Athletes with Disabilities

Sport psychology researchers have recently started to examine how athletes experience transitions out of sport (Bailie & Danish, 1992; Ogilvie & Taylor, 1993a; Ogilvie & Taylor, 1993b). However, almost all of this research has examined athletes leaving able bodied sport. The purpose of this paper is to discuss sport transitions for athletes with disabilities. Because of the dearth of research examining this population, research on able bodied sport withdrawal is surveyed. First, a conceptual overview of sport withdrawal and the application of transition theory to sport transitions is discussed. Second, factors associated with successful sport transitions are examined. Third, suggestions for how therapeutic recreation specialists and other sport figures (e.g., coach, sport psychologist) can assist athletes making the transition out of sport are presented. Finally, future research directions are briefly highlighted.

Author Jeffrey J. Martin
Volume Vol 30, No 2 (1996)
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