Therapeutic Recreation Education: 2009 Survey

Cari E. Autry, Stephen C. Anderson, Sydney L. SklarTherapeutic Recreation Education: 2009 Survey

As part of the biannual recreation education survey for the Society of Park and Recreation Educators, Stein (1970) included a separate section on therapeutic recreation (TR). Anderson and Stewart (1980) conducted a therapeutic recreation education study 10 years later. Their study began a trend of follow-up studies for the next 3 decades. Stewart and Anderson (1990) conducted the TR Education: 1989 Survey study and Anderson, Ashton-Shaeffer, and Autry (2000) conducted the TR Education: 1999 Survey. In the last survey, questions addressing accreditation; type of graduate programs; therapeutic recreation courses offered per program; tenure status and race/ethnicity of faculty; number of courses taught by faculty; and NCTRC regions were introduced. The longitudinal research continues with the current 2009 study. The findings of this study are presented and compared with the previous surveys to identify trends in therapeutic recreation education. Numbers of programs, faculty, and students were examined. Programs were also inquired as to the number of lost faculty positions during the last 10 years and if they had difficulty filling open positions.

Author Cari E. Autry, Stephen C. Anderson, Sydney L. Sklar
Volume Vol 44, No 3 (2010)
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