Patient Focused Care: Theory and Practice

Alison Pedlar, Taflyn Hornibrook, Bernice HaasenPatient Focused Care: Theory and Practice

Therapeutic recreation is often conceptualized as inherently person-centered. However, there have been virtually no examples of what person focused TR practice actually looks like. The present study attempted to fill this gap. The study was carried out in response to the desire of therapeutic recreationists at a major Canadian health care facility to better understand thenpractice. Of particular interest was the initial encounter between patient and therapist, an encounter that traditionally has been called “assessment.” As a part of this action research project, the co-researcher/practitioners engaged in a reflective process that allowed them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their practice. This they did by looking beyond therapeutic recreation to another discipline, nursing, where they found Parse’s theory of human becoming. The findings of this study demonstrate an approach that fosters the emergence of more authentic relationships between patients and therapists, and enables therapeutic recreation to more nearly fulfil its potential in the practice of patient focused care.

Author Alison Pedlar, Taflyn Hornibrook, Bernice Haasen
Volume Vol 35, No 1 (2001)
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