New Horizons in Models of Practice in Therapeutic Recreation

Kenneth E. MobilyNew Horizons in Models of Practice in Therapeutic Recreation

The purpose of this paper is to review, compare, and contrast six models of service proposed on the pages of the Therapeutic Recreation Journal (TRJ) over the last calendar year. The paper is organized into five parts. First, important facts about the current nature of TR practice and the history of TR practice are reviewed under a section entitled “General Observations.” Next, similarities and themes that are shared among the models are examined. Third, each of the six TR service models is evaluated with respect to its ability to account for the breath and depth of TR practice. Recommendations on how the profession should proceed in response to the development of several new models of practice are briefly discussed in the fourth section. Finally, closing comments are offered for the purpose of articulating the current state of the art pertaining to the development of models of practice. The most difficult challenge facing any practice model is the that of reconciling leisure theory and philosophy with the demands of the health care environments, the pressures of health care reform, and the ubiquitous need to advance the credibility of the profession.

Author Kenneth E. Mobily
Volume Vol 33, No 3 (1999)
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