Interprofessional Education for Group Processes in Mental/Behavioral Health

Cara Gray, Paula BaisdenInterprofessional Education for Group Processes in Mental/Behavioral Health

ATRA Annual


As health care organizations, accrediting bodies, and research support and promote interprofessional approaches for treatment programs, an introduction to interprofessional education and practice should occur during pre-professional education for this practice to become habit. This paper looks at applying these principles to pre-professional behavioral health student participants in nursing, recreation therapy, psychology, and social work through an interprofessional simulated group therapy experience. While the main objective of this project was to create an interprofessional experience for mental/behavioral health participants, the study also aimed to build an affinity for working within an interprofessional team and to develop empathy for individuals living with a mental/behavioral health diagnosis. All students acknowledged the benefits of empathy and collaborative affinity for both the team and consumers, and expressed concern about the lack of interprofessional learning within pre-professional programs.

Author Cara Gray, Paula Baisden
Volume Vol. 54, No. 4 (2020)
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