Facilitating Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

Barbara Wilhite, Deb Martin, John ShankFacilitating Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

Increased physical activity is needed to help persons with disabilities gain access to its benefits. Using Raymore’s (2002) framework for understanding facilitators to leisure, this study explored facilitators to physical activity among adults with disabilities. Interviews with 14 adults with disabilities who were determined to be physically active through recreation or sport were conducted. Direct content analysis of respondents’ narratives revealed 10 facilitating themes: inclination toward physical activity, personal agency, self-regulation, support of groups and individuals, connectedness to the disability community, enjoyment, opportunities, resources, positive community attitudes, and incentives. Ideas for applying study findings to therapeutic recreation are offered and additional evidence for the value of strengths-based practices is revealed.

Author Barbara Wilhite, Deb Martin, John Shank
Volume Vol 50, No 1 (2016)
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