Analysis of Services Performed by Recreational Therapists

Judy S. KinneyAnalysis of Services Performed by Recreational Therapists

Research Paper


The purpose of this study was to determine services performed by recreation therapists. This study surveyed currently practicing CTRSs to determine the workload and elements of service provision. A total of 1178 CTRSs responded to the survey (23.6%). A total of 18,539 hours of direct therapy interventions were provided by 812 fulltime therapists in a week; or an average of 23 hours of direct care services per therapist. CTRSs had, on average, 108 client therapy contacts per week per therapist. The number of treatment groups offered, one-on-one interventions, and other weekly tasks were also explored. Types of services provided were significantly different by population served. The discipline should explore the creation of a data center to gather critical data to understand and determine the nature of services provided by CTRSs. It is a critical step for the discipline to grow, defend, and/ or maintain important RT services.

Author Judy S. Kinney
Volume Vol. 54, No. 3 (2020)
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