frequently asked questions

Being a member of BCTRA demonstrates to your employer that you are invested in your career and the profession of therapeutic recreation. BCTRA provides its members with opportunities for continued education, allowing you to expand your knowledge of the field, keep up to date with current evidence-informed practices and grow your knowledge, skills and experience both professionally and personally.

BCTRA is not a college, and does not regulate the profession of therapeutic recreation in British Columbia. BCTRA is a member-driven association dedicated to promoting and developing the profession of therapeutic recreation in British Columbia.

Our membership year is April 1st – March 31st.

BCTRA sends multiple renewal notices prior to your renewal date, as well as a follow up email reminder.

If your membership lapses after the renewal time is over, you must reapply as a new member.

All members who are on a formal leave of absence from their employment can apply for a Member on Leave of Absence of up to two years, anything longer will require board approval.
Professional Members on leave will not be required to earn CEUs during their leave.
Members who request a Leave of Absence will be required to provide documentation that they are on leave to the Director of Membership. Requests for Leave of Absence will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Membership.

Membership in the CTRA and provincial associations are not transferable to the BCTRA. The BCTRA and the CTRA maintain a joint membership agreement stipulating that all BC residents seeking professional membership with the CTRA must meet the professional membership criteria as established by the BCTRA.

BCTRA’s bylaws stipulate that all professional members are required to earn 10 contact hours of continuing education units (CEUs) each year to be eligible to renew their professional membership.

CEUs can be earned by attending webinars, workshops, conferences, seminar, being a presenter of a workshop or poster, sitting on a BCTRA committee, mentoring a practicum or internship student or completing an academic course.

Members who have not earned ten contact hours of continuing education during the membership year will be contacted by a BCTRA Board member. BCTRA is committed to helping members maintain and increase their competence in therapeutic recreation. A three-month grace period will be provided to earn the necessary CEU’s.

All professional members are required to complete their CEUs every year and to keep track of them in case of an audit. When a professional member renews their membership, they are asked to declare that they have completed their CEU hours. There will be a random audit of a percentage of all professional membership renewals. If your renewal is randomly chosen as one that will be audited, the Membership Director will contact you by email; it will then be your responsibility to provide proof of your learning by the date requested.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?
If you have any more questions relating to membership, please email