Every year 3rd year TR students conduct research as part of their research methods course. This year several students hope to involve you and / or your colleagues in their research. All projects have received approval from the Douglas College Research and

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Ethics Board and are supervised by Dr. Colleen Reid. If you fit the following criteria please get in touch with the student researcher. We are very grateful for the time you devote to furthering student research skills and the TR literature.


Space for Trauma-Informed Care in Therapeutic Recreation

The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibilities for the use of trauma-informed care in therapeutic recreation.
The research question is: In what ways can trauma-informed care be incorporated into therapeutic recreation?

**Request to Promote Participant Recruitment**

Please share this information with health care practitioners at your work site or with other health care professionals in your network.

Participant criteria:

a. You are an allied health professional who has experience working with people who have a history of trauma;
b. You have been working in your occupation for more than 2 years;
c. You understand what trauma-informed care is, and/or how it is used at your workplace;
d. You hold a bachelor’s degree or higher;
e. You have facilitated or co-facilitated at least one group with vulnerable populations; and,
f. You live and work in Canada.

If you are interested in participating in this study OR if you have colleagues who fit the inclusion criteria please contact: Emily Warzonek


Tell me your Story: Life Review and Storytelling for Older Adults

The purpose of this study is to explore the ways that life review and storytelling are being applied therapeutically when working with older adults.

Why participate?

Storytelling with older adults has many positive outcomes for both participants and facilitators. By gathering information on various applications of storytelling and life review, I hope to create a body of work that recreation therapists can use as a resource to help inform their practice.

Participant criteria:

a. You have experience facilitating programs and/or interventions with older adults that incorporate storytelling, life review, reminiscence therapy or narrative therapy;
a. You have been involved in this program/intervention for over three months; and
b. You are working in a clinical, therapeutic or community setting.

If you are interested in participating in this study please contact: Skye MacLeod