We Need More than Another Keychain: An Analysis of Marketing Needs of CTRSs

Leandra A. Bedini, Adrienne L. WhiteWe Need More than Another Keychain: An Analysis of Marketing Needs of CTRSs

ATRA Annual


Recent literature shows that RT has been misunderstood and sometimes perceived as inferior to other treatment services in the health care arena (e.g., Chen & Chippendale, 2018; Harkins, 2010; Harkins & Bedini, 2013; Hinton, 2000). Although the field of RT has made significant advances in demonstrating its value, there is a lot of work yet to be done. Over three decades ago, Thorn (1984) stated that marketing is more than just selling a product and encouraged the field of RT to survey its own “…reputation and image, quality and types of service, accreditation and certification, status, availability and accessibility of services, and service philosophy” (p. 44) to determine effective marketing strategies. To that point, Bedini’s (2017) national study on marketing among Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRSs) found only moderate efforts and understanding regarding how to market their own programs. This current analysis delved deeper into these data, examining the narrative responses to the open-ended question on identified marketing needs in RT. Results present patterns and themes among the responses regarding CTRSs’ perceptions of their marketing needs. From these results, recommendations for practice and further research were identified.

Author Leandra A. Bedini, Adrienne L. White
Volume Vol. 52, No. 4 (2018)
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