Relationships among Conceptualizations of Flourishing in Therapeutic Recreation

James B. WiseRelationships among Conceptualizations of Flourishing in Therapeutic Recreation

Theoretical and Philisophical Perspectives


Human flourishing or living well is widely accepted as a principal outcome of therapeutic recreation (TR) services but multiple conceptualizations of what it means to live well found in the TR literature raise questions of association and compatibility. The present investigation extends previous explorations of connections among the numerous notions, specifically appraising the relationship of Seligman’s theory of Flourishing to MacIntyre’s broadened theory of Flourishing, the Leisure and Well- Being Model, and the Flourishing through Leisure Model. Results indicate the two theories portray distinct views of flourishing and that a complementary relationship exists among Seligman’s theory and the two practice models. When considered as a whole, the extant body of scholarship supplies the profession with a solid philosophical and scientific foundation for promoting human flourishing.

Author James B. Wise
Volume Vol. 55, No. 3 (2021)
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